Wine City Philippines
Address: 2F LEFA Building McArthur Highway Dau Mabalacat Pampangga
Mobile/WhatsApp: 09083786156

Work Hour
12 noon to 9pm, 7 days a week

Wine Shop, Wine Bar and Bistro Restaurant offers Port and Sauternes

Port wine as well as Sauternes and Barsac dessert wines have won the hearts of many seasoned wine drinkers throughout the ages.   Here in this wine shop, wine bar and bistro restaurant, wine lovers will find a good list of these post-dinner wines.  Here is a list of some of the Vintage and non-vintage Port wines that wine lovers can find in this restaurant bistro and wine shop in Pampanga

1978Barros Vintage Port
1987Barros Vintage Port
1995Barros Vintage Port
1977Calem Vintage Port
1991Cockburn's Vintage Port
1994Cockburn's Vintage Port
1970Croft Vintage Port
1977Croft Vintage Port
1977Diez Vintage Port, Diez Hermanos
1966Dow's Vintage Port
1970Dow's Vintage Port
1977Dow's Vintage Port
1985Dow's Vintage Port
1997Dow's Vintage Port
1985Feist Vintage Port, H. & C. J. Feist
1977Ferreira Vintage Port
1982Ferreira Vintage Port
1987Ferreira Vintage Port
1982Feuerheerd Vintage Port
1892Garrafeira Vintage Port
1994Graham Late Bottled Vintage Port
1987Graham's Vintage Port, Malvedos, W. & J. Graham & Co.
1980Graham's Vintage Port, W. & J. Graham & Co.
1986Guimaraens Vintage Port
1995Guimaraens Vintage Port
1985Hoopers Vintage Port, Richard Hooper & Sons
1994Osborne Late Bottled Vintage LBV
1982Osborne Vintage Port
1997Osborne Vintage Port
1982Player's Vintage Port
1995Pocas Vintage Port
1996Pocas Vintage Port
1970Porto Douro, Alto Douro, Borges & Irmao
1992Porto Douro, Quinta da Foz, Calem
1987Rozes Vintage Port
1994Rozes Vintage Port
1982Sandeman Vintage Port
1994Sandeman Vintage Port
2000Royal Oporto Colheita
2003Royal Oporto Colheita
2004Royal Oporto Colheita
2007Royal Oporto Colheita
2014Royal Oporto LBV Late Bottled Vintage Port
1997Royal Oporto Real Companhia Velha Vintage Port
2003Royal Oporto Real Companhia Velha Vintage Port
2007Royal Oporto Real Companhia Velha Vintage Port
1994Smith Woodhouse Vintage Port
1996Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port
2008Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port
1995Taylor's Quinta De Vargellas Vintage Port
1996Taylor's Quinta De Vargellas Vintage Port
1977Taylor's Vintage Port
1983Vinho do Porto, Tres Arcos Vintage Port
NVBarros 10 Anos Tawny Port
NVCroft 10 Year Old Aged Tawny Port
NVPorto Amuro Dry White
NVPorto Blanc, Zeer Oud
NVPorto Douro, Calem (White)
NVPorto Douro, Blanc Vieux, Jean Sanders
NVPorto (Blanc Sweet), Conquistador, Jean Sanders
NVPorto Douro, Imperial Rouge, Jean Sanders
NVPorto Douro, Imperial Tawny, Jean Sanders
NVPorto Douro, Fine Old Tawny Sanders
NVPorto, Ferreira, Tawny
NVPorto, Ferreira,Branco/White

Wine City Philippines
Address: 2F LEFA Building McArthur Highway Dau Mabalacat Pampanga
Web site:
Mobile/WhatsApp: +63 915 473 9156

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