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Bourbon Whisky

Wine City Philippines - Wine Shop in Pampanga offers Aged Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon Whiskey is (typically) a corn-based whiskey indigenous to USA. It is the pride and joy of the state of Kentucky and is brewed and bottles under very strict and precise rules and regulations. These whiskeys are aged in all new oak and bottled at no less than 40% Alcohol By Volume (ABV). Whiskey drinkers adore Bourbon’s attractive mild and sweet flavors. Bourbons are often enjoyed neat and used widely in a large variety of mixed drinks.


Most Bourbons must be aged a minimum of two years, with some “Kentucky Straight Whiskies” released a little younger. A special category of Bourbons called “bottled-in-bond” or simply “bonded” Bourbon went through at least four years of barrel ageing. Top-shelf Bourbons are treated to prolonged ageing giving it time to shed that youthful grainy flavors. Aged Bourbons become rounder, the edgy alcohol attack mellows, intensity of flavor heightens. This is because barrel ageing enables the wood to impart flavors through prolonged contact.

Dramatic rise in Bourbon consumption has caught distillers off guard with their stocks dwindling much faster than they could be replenished. Labels with Age Statements are more of an exception than the rule, and supply-and-demand dictates their hefty prices. Seasoned Bourbon drinkers swear by them. Age-statement Bourbon Whiskeys are undoubted a treat, a perfect happy-hour tipple, a fine companion for hearty meal of burgers, ribs or steaks, and a homely nightcap.

Aged Bourbon (Old Beezer 10 year Kentucky Straight Bourbon)
Old Beezer 10 year Kentucky Straight Bourbon


Aged Bourbon (Bird Dog 10 years Small Batch Bourbon)
Bird Dog 10 years Small Batch Bourbon


Single Malt (Knob Creek small batch 9 years, Kentucky Straight Bourbon 100 proof)
Knob Creek small batch 9 years, Kentucky Straight Bourbon 100 proof


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