Wine City Philippines
Address: 2F LEFA Building McArthur Highway Dau Mabalacat Pampangga
Mobile/WhatsApp: 09083786156

Work Hour
12 noon to 9pm, 7 days a week

Frequently Asked Questions Wine Shop and Restaurant in Pampanga coming soon

[FAQ 1] Is there parking at or near this wine shop?
Yes, there is limited parking in front of the entrance of the wine shop. The alley around the building can also be used for short-time parking.

[FAQ 2] Can I drink the wine at the shop?
Indeed you can. In fact the bistro and coffee shop section of this wine shop is often used like a restaurant and a café. Not only can you order wine by the glass, you can also enjoy a simple but very delectable meal of bistro classics.

[FAQ 3] What can I do in this wine shop if I don’t really drink wine?
As mentioned, many people also use this wine shop like a coffee shop. A good range of Nespresso coffees and a useful selection of fine tea can be ordered and enjoyed in the lounge area.

[FAQ 4] Does the wine shop also sell liquor?
Yes. In fact, the selection of Single Malt Whiskeys, Bourbon with age statements and even Armagnacs are popular in this wine shop in Pampanga.

[FAQ 5] I am looking for a quiet place to conduct a semi-casual business meeting. Is there any facility in this wine lounge for a meeting?
Yes, there is a very nice meeting place. In fact, this wine shop is a good meeting place in Pampanga for meetings of up to eight persons. Privacy and a relaxed ambiance make this meeting place popular among business people visiting Clark Philippines also. And there is that perfect thing – a bottle of fine wine – to mark another successful business session.

[FAQ 6] Is there food in this wine bar of Angeles City Pampanga?
Yes, the bistro is one of the popular restaurants in Angeles City Philippines. The menu is not very large but it is filled with bistro classics. The prices are attractive especially for this quality of food.

[FAQ 7] I understand you have a bistro restaurant inside the wine shop. If I open the wines I bought in the wine shop, will I be charged corkage fees?
No. You are welcome to open and enjoy a reasonable quantity of wine that you purchased from the wine shop. We hope you won’t mind serving yourself although our small service crew will try to assist as much as possible. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to see fellow wine drinkers enjoy the wines they purchased from our wine shop.

[FAQ 8] I understand the bistro of this wine shop is not a full-service restaurant. But would it be possible for us to order in advance a bespoke dinner comprised of a few off-menu dishes?
Yes. Thank you for your understanding that Wine City is not a full-service restaurant. The bistro section is supported by a small kitchen which is more than capable of serving a compact menu of bistro classics. We do appreciate the fun of a small family gathering over a meal in a cozy restaurant. Given adequately advanced notice – say 5 working days – our kitchen crew can whip something up for you, a family-style meal or an executive buffet perhaps.

[FAQ 9] I notice that there is a private table in the wine bar of this wine shop. Would it be possible for us to use the lounge area for small business meetings?
Yes but it is not intended for business use. To avoid disturbing other customers relaxing in the adjacent coffee shop and lounge area, presentation and other activities that will result in noise beyond the normal acceptable levels will not be permitted. That said, that private corner can be a good venue for a business lunch or business dinner in Angeles City, Pampanga.

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